Marty, Bam Bam and my morning coffee

In the past when things were not normal but relatively predictable, I never watched TV before work. I watch enough TV and therefore it was a personal rule not to turn the TV on in the morning to prevent myself from spiralling further into the category of “activities I will hate myself for” although pretty darn tame in the range of horrors that could actually fit into such a category.

But nothing is “predictable” anymore, so whatever. One morning, I broke my rule. I turned on the TV at 7am and came across this show called Backroad Bounty.  It seems an unlikely attractant for a “lady” and yet I have grown to love it. It’s my morning saviour.

If I’ve had my fix of Backroad Bounty, I can face work. Because this pandemic is pretty much the only thing that’s keeping me in the lane I’m currently in.  I’m sure a lot of people can relate.

I love hanging out with the two main guys on the show: Marty and Bam Bam whose real name is Peter Bamford. They’ve become my buddies. Hey, you have to find your friends where you can find them these days, imaginary, through the TV, or in your delusional little head.

When I watch it, I’m in their white van and excited to see where our treasure hunting adventures might lead us. As long as I’ve had an hour of Backroad Bounty in the morning I feel ready to face the day because these guys, especially Bam Bam, make me laugh out loud guaranteed. They’re so Canadian!

And when it’s done, I get up and walk three feet away to my computer between my table and my couch. I sit myself down at my desk and it’s almost bearable because I’ve had a few laughs and a visit with my buddies.

They drive down rural backroads all over Ontario and come across people with huge barns or warehouses chock a block full of junk or treasures as they like to call ‘em, and they pick through that stuff and negotiate but in the nicest of ways.

When they’re in the van, or meeting new people, they’re just so real and that’s what’s great about the show. I like the spontaneous, silly banter between these two.

I love seeing the properties they find and the people who own them are usually as vintage and full of character as the stuff they’re hoarding. 50 acres of classic cars. Three full warehouses. Sign, sign, everywhere a sign! The owners of these places have bought property for their stuff, not for their lives.

Apparently old signs are worth a lot but you have to know what you’re looking for. How about an old cigarette tin, comics,  old toys from the 50s and 60s, decals off old cars, wooden boxes from pre-WWII, old T-shirts with weird slogans and so much more? You can really get a small sense of what might be valuable just by watching them.

So that’s it.

Don’t you dare judge me! What would you like me to write about at this point? Sourdough starter?

If you want to check out Marty’s Facebook or Insta pages:  @modernhipsterantiques. I couldn’t find Bam Bam on the Interweb!



  1. My husband and I were just saying we wish they would show reruns of Backroad Bounty which in our opinions was way better than Canadian Pickers. Better still, we wish they would shot some new episodes….bring back Backroad Bounty 2020+

    1. I know. They need more episodes. Unlikely to happen. Especially not during covid and maybe they got tired of doing the show.

  2. Hi Gayle,

    I truly enjoyed your story.

    I had never turned on my TV in the morning before going to work in my home office until my world changed on Monday, April 27, 2020. I left my desk and all its contents that morning and have yet to return as “the covid-19” paralized the Corporate Travel World. So that morning I turned on the TV to catch some news on CBC then channel surfed till I stumbled on Backroad Bounty and the rest is history I’m hooked and love watching Marty and Bam Bam.

    1. Hi Mary, Thanks for commenting. Sorry to hear about your work. It’s so hard for so many people, especially those in tourism, service industries. Good to know I wasn’t the only one who got hooked on this. All tge best to you!

  3. Hi, Thanks for leaving a comment. Yes. I feel like I’ve watched them all as well. It only ran for a few years, although, that’s pretty good for this type of show. And yes, I’m on the West Coast. Happy bargain hunting, which is something I assume you enjoy if you like this show.

  4. Love these two guys but we’ve watched every show two or three times and wish there was more. You must be on the west coast as we get the show at 9:00 on the prairies.

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