Famous funny people getting coffee and drinking it like the rest of us

ford-pinto-photo-365085-s-986x603About a week ago, I got detoured by a tweet that led me to Comedians in Cars getting Coffee with Jerry Seinfeld.   O.k. So I’m a bit out of touch. It’s only been around for 7 seasons on the digital network Crackle. And I’d never heard of Crackle either so there you go. I’ve always been a pop culture alien so no big surprise.

I loved the beautiful classic cars he was driving but here’s the thing about this show. It really wasn’t very funny. How two people who are comedians in hot cars in Hollywood could be less funny was kind of shocking to me. And the only thing that proves is just how much work it takes to prepare to actually BE funny. Still, it was kind of addictive in a So that’s how other people interact kind of way. Not that much different than you and I really.

In some other altered reality, if I got to ride in a beautiful car with Jerry Seinfeld, I can think of one or two maybe three people from my past who would be funny enough to bring along. The first person who comes to mind is a woman named Kama I knew about 20 years ago. I wonder whatever happened to Kama? I remember she once said that Jerry Seinfeld was the only man she’d ever marry. ford pintoPersonally, I’d want Jerry Seinfeld to show up in the Steve McQueen 1968 Green Ford Mustang GT, or at the other extreme, the 1975 Uncle Rico van from Napolean Dynamite. How about a lookalike of the White getaway Bronco that O.J. was driving that crazy day way back in 1994? Maybe a 1971 yellow Ford Pinto would be fun. I think super crappy cars lend themselves to humour more than lifestyles of the rich and famous. To be fair, he did show up in a Pacer and some ratty Volkswagen van.

Warner-Brothers-Pictures-bullit-steve-mcqueen-ford-mustang_0-100_1If you watch the series, I’m guessing you might enjoy it as well because isn’t that who we are now? We’re all just voyeurs of the rich and famous. Even in death. R.I.P. David Bowie. Watching the show became a bit like drinking coffee with the video images of making coffee interspersed throughout.  It was interesting to interlope on some of the conversations he had with his guests about the comedy biz.Cw_640

I enjoyed the Steve Harvey episode mostly because of his laugh and because he was funny! I know Steve Harvey really  heaped up the Miss Universe Pageant recently but I really hope he can make a whole comedy routine out of that screw up.  Because. It really is pretty damned funny when you think about it in hindsight.

I liked the conversation with Bill Burr. I liked Sarah Silverman. Michael Richards was interesting. I found the conversation with Trevor Noah really interesting. You might want to watch the episode with President Obama. And I’m a big fan of Steve Martin not because of his stand up from the past but because he’s such an intelligent, versatile guy –  comedian,  writer, actor, musician, knowledgeable art collector – so that one was a thumbs up for me just because of the curiosity factor.

It would just be wrong not to take a look at the Julia Louis-Dreyfus episode. I loved her line in response to Jerry asking if he was nice. “I think you CAN be nice.” I could totally relate to that line.

You have to watch the Jimmy Fallon episode to see Jerry’s awesome little boat.  I was wondering what Jerry would have shown up in if Robin Williams was still alive. That would have been a great episode.

But honestly, Rick Mercer could do a fantastic paraody on this show complete with mouth fulls of corn beef being spewed across a table. His first guest? Jann Arden of course!carfrom1982

This is me in 1982 with the first car I ever owned, a Chevette Scooter that lasted FOREVER. The Coquihalla Highway finally took her down. I couldn’t risk driving those hills in a 20 year old Chevette.

If you were going to be interviewed by Seinfeld, I wonder what car would you’d choose and why?


  1. Hi Anne,
    Well humour is subjective and I did know Kama really well for a period of time. She WAS really funny! At least that’s my recollection of the time I spent with her away from work. But you didn’t answer my question. Which car would you choose for yourself if you could go for a little drive with Jerry. ?

  2. Hah! Now there’s a blast from the past– bu I definitely do not recall Kama being funny – or even mily amusing . U must have known her better than I did. Anywsy enjoyed your post!!

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