You as Peace


In a world where some men appear to have gone mad and I use the word men intentionally because too often I read newspapers that use the word “people” when in fact it is, unfortunately, men who are perpetrating most of the violence in the world. Let’s be specific.

We listen as allegations of astonishing abuse rise against men who were once revered and who have now fallen from grace. We hear today about the evil and heartbreak perpetuated by some men whose humanity and reason have left them and where rationalizations will never explain because there can never be rationalizations acceptable for what we are witnessing.

There is only one possibility for me. That is, to acknowledge the victims of the atrocities in my heart and then to turn away to refocus on beauty and small graces and the awareness of nature’s cycle that is imitated via human destruction and resurrection.

To keep my own heart returning to a peaceful place, turning towards the light even on those days when I feel a desolation, when I feel battered and angry but knowing that is the time, especially, to find a way back to love, for myself first and then spreading that out throughout my own connectedness as best I can.

It’s so easy to become unconscious of mood and seething and worrying and the turmoil in one’s inner self in a way that turns us away from awareness of how we’re coming across in the world, how we’re infecting our own small space in energy and spirit.

The other day I went with a friend for a walk out of Stanley Park’s Nature House. The topic was Solstice and traditions but it meandered from identification of tree species to Norse mythology to rituals. It reminded me of the time I gathered some friends, made them each a little boat out of the bark of a tree found on the ground on the path around the Lagoon. I glued a tea light to each small piece of bark. We gathered on the shores and I handed out their lights and I said some sort of poem that made sense. We each then spoke of something we wanted to let go of and afterwards, we kneeled and pushed our floating tea lighted bark into the water and released as a symbol of letting go. It was such a small event but it was so fantastic. It reminded all of us of how far away we can move away from rituals that uplift our hearts, recognize our own impermanence and the inevitability of change heading towards the ultimate letting go.

It’s the time of year when I am most reflective. The season of winter is meant for that. An inward transformation bubbling from the quiet, a brook in a cold winter stream, easily mistaken for a static time when in fact so much is happening inside.

Reflecting. Assessing. Planning. Hoping. Dreaming.  Our inner selves on high alert, welcoming transformation.

We have come into a time, maybe a time that’s never not been, where every one of us, must become the peace as the change we want to see in the world.


    1. Thanks Barb. Of course you were there with me to enjoy the afternoon out of Stanley Park’s Nature house and we had fun. Happy New Year!

  1. Are you kidding me, Anne? Comments are why we put ourselves out there, aren’t they? Interaction! Thoughts! Discussion! Differing opinons! Bring it on. I’m glad the post touched you and that you told me this and thanks for passing it on to Patricia. I think you’re right. I think she will enjoy reading it as well.
    And thank you for the movie recommendation. I’ll put it on my list. Hadn’t heard of it.
    I’m now going off into the world and will try very hard (because sometimes it is very hard) to live up to my post by being kind to myself and to a few others. 🙂

  2. Gayle, I hope you don’t mind – (perhaps I should have asked you first – but the option to share is right there on the page so I think I’m ok here!!)
    Anyway, Gayle your latest post deserves to be shared (as all of them do, actually …) as it is quite beautiful and touching and I sent it to Patricia Keene who I know will love and appreciate it as I have.
    On the subject of “touching” content, I saw the movie “Pride” the other night – a not-to-be-missed movie experience I believe; keep an eye open for it.

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