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binocular case

I’ve never been a collector. Mostly it’s because once you start collecting something then I expect every birthday, every Christmas, every single occasion, someone will give you something related to what you’re collecting whether it’s a tasteful version of what you’d want or not and pretty soon your house is crammed full of angels or elephants, owls or bird nests, robots or wooden tugboats, turning you into the next contestant on Hoarders Anonymous.

If you move a lot, the challenge is to collect as little as possible.

The two women who own the floathome that I’m staying on may or may not be collectors. I don’t think they are collectors in the true sense of that word but they do have a knack, and I’m not sure which one of them to credit for putting together the interior of this place, their West Coast home, in a way that means everyone who comes here is impressed. From the artwork to all the little touches that add up to create a unified physical space the way a painting can, or a garden, or even an office, when it’s designed with love and attention.

Last night, I had six friends over for a BBQ, and one of them asked me, “Do the people who own this place have roots in Newfoundland and Labrador?”

“I don’t know, why?”

“Oh, it just has that feel to the place.”

“Oh, I said, absentmindedly, “well, they do have a house in Newfoundland and that’s the only reason I get to stay here.”

Oh yeah! Then it all made sense.

We had been focused on familial roots, sharing how we had arrived in B.C., either by leaving Ontario or Boston Bar or Nelson and from as far away as New Zealand, so my attention had been focused on the past and family roots, not the present when I answered the question.

This person had just come back from a first-time trip to Newfoundland in June and she said the house really reminded her of being there.  Of course it would.

Here are some of the treasures I like here.

beach chairs

These beach chairs are lined up on a kitchen ledge. They are always facing in the same direction and that always bugs me. People would never sit at the beach one behind each other like that. So, I moved one. They, of course, will move it back as they should.

bathing beauties

There is a three -foot long line of bathing beauties from another time in a wooden frame in the kitchen. This is only a fraction of the bevy of beauties lined up in it. You can never have too many female friends.

painting by Bobbi Pike

Who wouldn’t want to sit outside just soaking in the scenery from the vista of this yard painted by a person named Bobbi Pike.

wooden fish

I sit in front of this fish every day and do my work on the computer. I like him.


This is actually an entire box covered in shells. Sometimes those are beyond tacky. Strangely enough, this one isn’t. It’s in front of the fireplace.

fish wall

They have a whole fish wall with fish heads and starfish. This guy facing you as you climb the first set of stairs means business. No getting away with anything around here.fishing basket

It’s imperative to have a basket to put all your special things -flys and lures and bubble gum cards. Huck Finn would have had one of these.

beaver teethmarks

The wood on the bottom left has been branded by a beaver. The other morning, I was at my computer (where else?), and I heard this weird sound and when I looked out the back screen door, I saw a beaver knawing on something right out the back door. He dove under before I could photograph him. For reasons I’m not sure of, Pat likes to collect these branches that Mr. Beaver has sunk his big teeth into.

What would you collect if space and money were no object?


  1. Hi Gayle …. as always I enjoyed reading your post. You are certainly blessed to be able to hang out in/on this gorgeous houseboat on the Fraser (??) River on an annual basis. Long may it last for you as you more than make the most of every new experience with your words and wonderful photographs.

    1. Anne,
      Well, what can I say? As you know, I’m sometimes lucky in that I get spoiled, but nobody has spoiled me with hospitality the way you and Bob have and for that I am forever grateful. And, I do recognize the treat it has been to spend the hottest part of the summer in this lovely place the past two years all because these two lovely women have acquired homes on both coasts. Bless them and you!

  2. Those touches were so very Newfoundland, for sure! We spent two weeks in a little place called Rattling Brook, and toured around. What a magnificent part of Canada it is. I recognize the house colours- cheery in the often foggy days.
    Interesting that your friends inhabit both coasts – and each has its own beauty.

    PS My husband Steve is a collector – books and DVDs and CDs. He was looking for extra CD towers the other day – they are a thing of the past now that everyone downloads music, so they advised him to visit some antique shops!

    1. Hi Elaine,
      Yes, all the charming names and the colourful houses are so enticing. I’ve decided that the next time I get on a plane, or within the next few years, I must see more of Canada, especially Quebec and the Maritimes.

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