TWS Writers’ Successes

First Alice Munro. Then Lynn Coady. I’m getting the feeling that the fiction writers across the land, those who are feverish with short stories, are feeling a bit worked up with possibility these day.

There’s a lot going on, as well, with the writers who have graduated from The SFU Writer’s Studio a.k.a. TWS in the 12 years that it was first begun by writer & mentor & author & manuscript consultant Betsy Warland who handed the reins to Wayde Compton in 2012.TWSBooksimage

Of course, I couldn’t even begin to tell you what’s going on with most of them, since I don’t even know them, but I am aware of some grads from more recent years who have recently released their babies (or is it their taskmasters?) into the world.

I expect you to buy at least one of these. Authors have to eat ya know!

Janie Chang released Three Souls and has been travelling promoting it. Fiction mentor Shaena Lambert has launched her newest book of short stories, Oh My Darling. Renee Saklikar is launching her first book of poetry: children of air india. Show up at SFU Woodward’s World Art Centre this coming Wednesday evening for the launch. If you can’t make that night, she’s doing it again at Heritage Grill in New West on  December 1.

Ayelet Tsabari’s The Best Place on Earth was published by Harper Collins this past year. She now lives in Toronto but came back to Vancouver last week to give a reading with two other TWS alumnae.

Eufemia Fantetti had her book A Recipe for Disaster and other Unlikely Tales of Love released by Mona Fertig’s Mother Tongue Publishing on Salt Spring or Savory Island (not quite sure where Mona is residing at the moment).  Mona also just launched Lucky by Kathryn Para who was the second winner of Mother Tongue’s Great BC Novel Contest. Para has an MFA from UBC Creative Writing.

Anakana Schofield wrote Malarky which was released in 2012 and I didn’t realize until I went to a recent reading that she went through TWS.

And the TWS 2012 non fiction mentor/writer/author/Brian Payton’s new novel, The Wind Is Not a River will be available to purchase on January 7, 2014. But, you can pre-order it off Amazon.  

In addition, there is someone else I wanted to mention. In  my browsings at literary journals yesterday, I noticed that Caroline Wong who was in TWS 2012 Poetry won Grain Magazine’s 25th Annual Short Grain Contest in August in the Poetry category and will be published in their Winter Issue upcoming. Congratulations Caroline!

Oh, oh, oh. One more thing. I almost forgot (well, I did forget until now actually) that you can purchase  emerge 2013 as an ebook.

I’m sure I’ve left out TWS writers and their accomplishments only because I didn’t know about them. Feel free to add your own by sharing those with us in the comments below. I had fun learning about these and attending some of the events.

Keep writing! Start and or keep submitting!


  1. Thank you for acknowledging all the great talent from TWS! As a 2013 TWS-er, in the poetry cohort, I am looking forward to more of us “emerging” and making our talents known!

    Feels like the possibilities are endless!

    1. Hi Chelene,
      Hope you’re enjoying TWS 2013! I’m looking forward to reading the Emerge Anthology for your year once the hard cover orders come in. It’s easy to get caught up in the energy. Maybe we’ll meet at Cottage Bistro if you come to the monthly events.

  2. That’s great, Christine. I missed you on Thursday night at Cottage Bistro. It was really good. Yes, they have many admirers. 🙂
    Just realize I forgot to mention Emails from India. Women Write Home. You can buy that off Amazon as well.

  3. What a crew. I want to be one of them! Wishing and hoping. Applied for Betsy’s manuscript course. Fingers crossed. That’s great about Caroline. I must send her a note.

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