Have you noticed that there are even more these days than there used to be? 

Oh look, here’s some more…

Not just any words. I’ve spent my life finding the right words, for myself, for newspaper and magazine articles, for organizational tag lines and all those words that get obsessed over, massaged, scrapped, revised and finally approved.

Collaboration. Working independently, but accessing others with specializations in graphic design, videography, photography and usability, I work hard to find the right messages for whatever story you’re needing to tell, communicated to the individuals, audiences and organizations that you most want to speak to or for.

An iterative process. Together, through the back and forth process that occurs in finalizing copy that’s right for you, I’ll find a way to align messaging with what’s in your head and what’s in your heart to speak to those people or places you care most about reaching.

Let’s get together and hone your messaging today.

PORTFOLIO: Visit my portfolio. Review some of my writing pieces.