Write for 5 to win a book on writing

Hi Kids,

So four weeks of Write for 5 have now flown by.

It would be so awesome if I could motivate a few more writers anywhere in the world to participate.

So far I’ve mailed off four packages. Those have gone to Toronto, Uruguay, Vancouver and Atlanta, Georgia. Last week I shipped off a photographic print that I bought a few years ago that I loved but I never had anywhere to hang it. I communicated with the recipient and it seemed like last week’s writing book wasn’t the kind of book that he would probably get around to reading, so I looked around and based on his blog, I picked a photographic print for him.

Of course, I should have taken a photo of that before I sent it off to Atlanta, Georgia, but I forgot. Maybe he’ll send me a photo when it arrives and then I’ll be reminded of who the print was created by. I know it was a young photographer based in Delta, B.C.

I’ve decided that I can only send one book per person once at this point given the limited number of participants so that means your chances of getting this fantastic little book are pretty high if you’ve yet to be chosen.

This week’s book prize is called, The Situation and the Story by Vivian Gornick. And you’ll also receive the above print.

For those of you who have been playing along. You know the routine. I post 2 images at 8:00 am on Saturday morning and you have until Sunday at 11:00 pm to Write for 5. I want to experience the uniqueness of your imagination in five minutes.

On Monday, March 27, I’ll choose the small piece that spoke to me in some way.
This might be the easiest contest you’ll ever enter.

Are you in?  See you back here bright and early on Saturday, or whenever you get around to it over the weekend. Have a good one.


  1. Earth, water, air. The peace. The peace of the misty timeless day. What an open breathing moist moment. Off in the distance a clear image melts away and opens into what? oblivion? clarity? more like more timelessness. A fullness in the chest, heavy weight behind the eyes. A longing for a lack of conflict, lack of thought, complexity. Calmness seeps into my bones through my eyes. And what does it matter if words overlap the image, the sense of truth. Once the words are there the image fades away, or are they a gateway to …a plunge into that calm water, diving deeper, ripples of silky streams brushing back the skin on my cheeks, temples, breath held, eyes closed or open. What does it matter?

    1. Hi Danielle, Thanks so much. Beautiful! Maybe I wasn’t totally clear. Actually, Write for 5 happens on Saturday and Sunday. I was just using this image to show writers what they could be sent if I choose their 5 minute submission. Here’s how it works, I post the two images I want people to write to on Saturday morning at 8:00 am and they have until Sunday at 11:00 pm. However, I can include this in the mix since you took the time to write it. Thank you for participating. I really appreciate it.

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