Write for 5: The best things in life (and in writing) are ideas

This Saturday our little Write for 5 dalliance won’t cost you a dime. I’ll post an image. You’ll take a look, get a spark, time yourself for five minutes.

You don’t have to get dressed up and pretend to be your grown-up self. Stay in your PJs or old bathrobe. No webcams here. Coffee or tea? It’s up to you.  This is for you as you are.

Use a pen or a pencil or a keyboard. Think of that like colouring your hair — only you’ll know for sure in the end, unless it’s purple.

Think of it as a quick weekend luxury. Take as long as you want to look at the image that gets posted. (Well, don’t spend more than 30 minutes or anything like that). We won’t count examining the image as part of the five minutes.

Do time yourself. Keep it to 5.

Most importantly, believe in the imagination and the brain to rise to all creative challenges. That grey matter will somehow find the words that exist up there in the muck and the wonder of your subconscious where all the most interesting meetings occur. Like chocolate meeting peanut butter.

Shut down the critical thoughts. The enjoyment in timed writing prompts for me happens when words and weirdness and beauty come out of my mind and onto the page and it’s like, “Where did THAT come from?” That’s the best part. Don’t you agree?

Maybe broaden your idea of form. Poem? Flash fiction? Script? Dialogue? Fortune cookie fortune? Surprise us!

So here’s how I think this might work.

I’m going to post the image tomorrow, Saturday, February 25 at 9:00 am.

  1. It would be so fantastic to have some participants.
  2. Post your 5-minute writing results as soon as you can in the comments.
  3. Stay positive in the comments. You have to have something nice to say. Yes, it’s the equivalent of everyone getting a blue ribbon. When was the last time THAT happened?
  4. I may highlight the piece(s) that resonate for me the most and refer to the writer’s website (assuming that they have one).
  5. I encourage you, as well, to connect to one other writer who posts in a comment by commenting on what they’ve posted.

If you have any suggestions as to how this might work best for you, let me know.

Really looking forward to reading what your writerly minds seize the courage to share tomorrow.

Don’t forget to come back after 9:00 a.m. on February 25.

Thanks for playing.

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