Fishing for Steveston’s Abstracts

I was out wandering on a stunning day last week in Steveston which gave me the chance to snap a few pics of my favourite subject: reflections. Like many people, I love what happens to reflections in water.  I think my favourite is this first one. It could look great blown up really big in a bright space on a dark wall.



This was taken looking back at the beautiful walkway that runs along the waterfront from the village to the re-created Japanese Heritage fishing village.




A bunch of Asian fishermen were casting their lines off the dock that this ramp leads down to. I don’t think they caught anything but in the spirit of all those Japanese fishermen who fished out of here, lived here, and worked so hard in the past, it was nice to see the tradition continuing.


This gull enjoying the sunshine like the rest of us.








This is frozen water. The red comes from the red house on the shore that sits above it. I love the texture of this and the way the light hits it emphasizing the patterns.






This reflection, underneath, is once again picking up what’s on the shoreline and the condo developments reflecting into the water. I think the colours work really well in this one. Its the inspiration for a new Tartan perhaps, urban style.



I like the softness of these plants (wish I knew what they were called) against the backdrop of the blue/sandy-coloured water. netsinStevestonOf course, it’s not a fishing village, no matter how far it has come from those original roots, without some nets.


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